Pit Bull Saves Deaf Boy From Burning Home

As a society, we have become immune to negative news stories.  Members of the press flood our televisions, computers, newspapers, and other media outlets with horrific images and sounds of war, famine, and various other atrocities.  It is very difficult to smile and stay positive after gathering the news of the day!

That is why, although I prefer to stay informed at all times, I have chosen to take a hiatus from the news coverage.  I know, it’s hard to stay informed during the few days here and there of detoxing my mind of horrific mental images and sounds.  Sometimes the negativity is too much, and it overloads all my senses.

I am currently in a ‘news fast’, but I crave knowing something new and interesting, so I chose to Google ‘positive news stories’.  My computer screen was instantly filled with breaking news of a positive nature.  I was thrilled!

There was one story that really caught my attention.  As an avid animal lover, I tire of the incessant studies concerning the dangers of pit bulls.  Although there are particular breeds that are geared more towards violence than others, much of it stems from how the dog is raised and treated.  For instance, my former neighbor adopted a pit bull puppy.  “Rosie” grew up to be one of the most loving, sensitive, attentive, and kindest dogs I have ever encountered, due to the constant nurturing from her ‘pet parents’.

I am not writing this blog to start a debate over whether or not it should be legal to keep pit bulls.  I am simply voicing my opinion as a pet lover, and I want to introduce this positive news story.


Nick Lamb was napping in his Indianapolis home on Thursday, July 17.  He was excited because, at 13 years of age, he was finally able to stay home alone.  What an exciting time for a youngster, especially one that is deaf and anxious for some independence!

The fire alarms went off, but Nick was sleeping without his hearing aids.

As he awoke to a room full of smoke and something licking his face, Nick realized that it was Ace, the family’s two-year-old pit bull. Together they ran out into the backyard, both safe from the flames and smoke.

Lindsay Bernard, Nick’s mother, said that it was amazing, because if Ace hadn’t been there, Nick probably wouldn’t have woken up.

pit bull

Click on one of the following links if you would like to read more about this story.



This story filled my heart with joy, which is something I haven’t felt from a news story in a long time.  If you have had enough of the constant inundation of negative news, I offer the momentary respite found within three little search words on Google.

(Photos courtesy of the Indianapolis Fire Department.)


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