7 Scientific Ways To Beat The Heat

Emilio Cogliani

By Anne Harding, Contributing Writer
Published: 07/29/2014 04:37 PM EDT on LiveScience

With the hottest June on record behind us, and a quadrupling of extreme heat events predicted by the end of this century, humans are facing a heat-adaptation challenge. Sweltering summer days aren’t just oppressive and uncomfortable; they can be lethal, if the body’s core temperature climbs much beyond 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

Scientists studying people working under super-hot conditions — think firefighters, foundry workers and soldiers marching with fully loaded packs — have learned a lot about how the body handles heat. Beyond the basic advice of staying hydrated while avoiding sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol, here are some evidence-based strategies for coping with our overheating world.

Get used to it

“Humans have a tremendous ability to acclimatize to heat stress,” says Michael Sawka, a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, who studies…

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