FOX News’ response to Ferguson: “What about Chicago?”

Left Front

Every major media outlet, international or American-based, has been covering the mayhem in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri for the last two weeks.  Liberal and moderate media reported the story first because of it concerning a civil rights issue.  Starting last weekend, as the protests, riots, and looting grew in response to the militarization of the local police force, right-wing media outlets like FOX News began to cover the story, recognizing that it was headline-worthy material.  As the conflict has become mass publicized, like any major issue, the two political spectrums have developed contrasting stances.  The left, myself included, see the protests as a justified retort to the racial discrimination many blacks in Ferguson have experienced for years by the police.  The right has also developed their own opinion on the situation.  They have come out supporting Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot unarmed Michael Brown, and oppose…

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