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This week the Author’s Business Enhancement group will share the tale of the master journalist Jack Perkins. The body of work that comes to mind for many could possibly be the A&E “Biography” series, but he has spent more than four decades in our lives bringing us the story as an NBC correspondent as well as other venues. Jack has been an evening fixture and five seconds of his narration brings instant recognition.

Jack Perkins has retired from the giant small screen of national television to pursue art in authorship, blogging and photography. In this pursuit he has merged his immense experience-earned skills to provide insightful blogs rich with an artful blend of top-notch media .

Such marvelous hybrid art can be experienced simply by visiting his Poetography posted on his website – http://www.jackperkins.com/sound.html

Other examples of his cutting edge blend of video blogging and writing promotion can be studied in the following videos below that he created.

Jacks Book trailer- “Finding Moosehead, Finding God”

I would like to highlight the personal message embedded in his work, we have always seen his genuine person in his features. It is as if Jack were our friend when he speaks to us, his humanity is effortlessly conveyed. In accomplishing this you hear all of Jack’s message as you have already accepted him.

Below I would like you to take notice of his detailed trailer description, I wish my books description were this detailed, yet simple:

“Finding Moosewood, Finding God is the poignant memoir of Jack Perkins—an accomplished TV and radio veteran with a television presence on NBC News as a correspondent, commentator, and anchorman—who cast off a shallow public lifestyle in order to seek out a deeper, more meaningful and privately spiritual life. Jack Perkins disappeared from the public eye and moved with his wife, Mary Jo, to a bare-necessities cabin on an uninhabited island off the coast of Maine.”

That paragraph conveys a great deal in a simple, concise manner.

As well he created this book trailer which looks a great deal like my Movie Maker template on my P.C.’s programs. This is how he used that tool to promote his recently published book.

Nature of God Book Selfie- Published on Jan 23, 2014

Nature of God by Jack Perkins promoted by https://www.crowdscribed.com/

For a blogging enthusiast it easy to admire this work of videoblog

“Adrian the Flamingo” http://youtu.be/O5p78I8y344

Jack promotes his local Sarasota, Fl. PBS affiliate program “The Gulfcoast Journal” with this interview with local interviewer Doug Miles http://youtu.be/2HiFtuU2xpQ promoted by the author resource, http://www.crowdscribed.com , a great site for all of us to consider.

Jack’s website is of interest as well http://www.jackperkins.com to see much more about him and his wide range of current projects.

Normally our post discuss our blogs, but this author and his work is a great example worthy of study and emulation. I hope you enjoy Jack Perkins and the wealth of knowledge he shares through his work.


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